The idea started as a de-cluttering business to help others to lead an organised, clutter and stress-free life. I am organised by heart, however as a mum, a wife and a working woman I understand all too well how difficult  life could be when

 juggling  our kid(s), our home  and the workplace.  

The vision has quickly outgrown itself, as I shortly realised that decluttering is part of a much bigger dream: 

Home Styling & Staging - and these are the main areas I feel really passionate about. 

This is a customised service, based on my  clients’ specific needs and circumstances as  behind every project there is a unique story.  

My name is Eszter Csurgo.  I have 15  years of experience working in Events and  Office Management.  These roles have all  required an extremely high level of  organisational and communication skills as  well as an exemplary level of customer   service. 

home staging