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Life happens. But whatever life throws at you I am here to help.

This is how we could start our journey:


Initial call or email: If you contacted me, You have already done the biggest step: recognised that you need help to achieve your goals. We will have a chat to discuss your issues and see if I can be of any help.


I would like to see your home, so if you need more than just a wardrobe-makeover then I will come over and have a quick chat (maximum 30 minutes) This service is free within 10 miles of WD6.


Once we agreed to go ahead and book a session,I would need a written confirmation from you via email along with 50% deposit.


On our agreed day for our session I will come to your home and we can tackle the problem together. Yes, I will need you to tell me what you want to keep, dispose or maybe give up for charity. 


Sort out your belongings - every home and every person is unique and special. We will discuss and decide together what your aim is and how we can achieve that.


Remove all unwanted items, however nothing is going to leave your home without your consent of course. And please do not worry, this is absolutely non-judgemental. I appreciate your decisions, I can only advise and help you to make them happen.


Find the perfect place for everything you decide to keep.This way it will be much easier to maintain your home in the future.


Once we have been through this process, I am absolutely confident that you will learn a lot and from that point, you will be better at handling things on your own.


We will transform your home, and transform your Life.

Are You Ready?

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